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How You Can Join This Hugely Popular Degree Course And Get A Fun & High-Paying Job In The World Of Films

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(VFX + Filmmaking + Animation)

Thousands of students across India have applied for B.Voc. this year!

The reason? Arena Animation has launched a 3-in-1 bachelor degree course in collaboration with JIMS University, a leading B-school in Delhi. It means that this course will teach you skills that will get you hired in the most creative, fastest-growing industries in India — Animation, VFX & Filmmaking.

The comprehensive training in all aspects of VFX, Animation and Filmmaking at the best institute in Delhi NCR will definitely give you the competitive edge over the others! Even better, this course gives you exclusive access to Creosouls, which is a platform that enables you to upload all the amazing work you do to potential recruiters.

  • Job Oriented Curriculum
  • Practical Training
  • Learning Curriculum
  • Experienced Faculty

Digital Painting

(Adobe Photoshop Extended CC/ Pixlr)

Digital Illustrations

(Adobe Illustrator CC/ Inkscape)

Design Portfolio


Audio – Video Editing

(Adobe Audition CC/ Audacity/ Adobe Premier Pro CC/ VSDC Video Editor/ OpenShot)

Storyboarding and Animatics

(Adobe Premier Pro CC/ VSDC Video Editor/ OpenShot)

Application of 2D

(Animation Principles Adobe Animate CC)

Animation Portfolio


Digital Modeling with Maya

(Autodesk Maya)

Digital Sculpting


Texturing 3D Models with Maya

(Autodesk Maya)

Lighting and Rendering Models with Maya

(Arnold Render For Maya)

Layer-Based Compositing

(Autodesk Maya)

Modeling & Texturing Portfolio


Rigging 3D Models with Maya

( Autodesk Maya)

3D Character Animation

( Autodesk Maya)

Particle & Dynamics

( Autodesk Maya)

FX & Simulation

( Autodesk Maya)

Matchmoving and Camera Tracking

(Autodesk Maya)

Crowd Simulation

( Golumn Crowd)

3D Animation Portfolio



(MAYA Unlimited/Blender)

Introduction to Nuke

( Nuke/Natron)

Rotoscopy using Silhoutte

( Silhouette)

VFX Portfolio


Wire removal


Colour Correction


Green/ Blue screen


Matchmoving & Camera tracking


Matte Painting

(Nuke & Photoshop)

Specialisation & Digital Portfolio Development (Choose 1 elective)


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Learn Animation

A wide variety of job options open up before you if you are trained in Animation, VFX and as well as Filmmaking. The good news is that job options are increasing each year because massive international projects are outsourcing their VFX to India. Take any big Hollywood film these days, and you’d see that its visual effects have been done in India.

In the world of films and video games, a layout artist looks at the script and decides how the film will visually look when it is finally made. They are also of huge importance to companies who want their content to have an artistic touch. If you see stylish websites online, great designs in magazines etc., you should know that the layout artist is the person responsible for you to go ‘Wow!’.

Rendering Artist

A highly technical job, rendering artists are in high demand in India’s growing VFX industry. A technique which is used in video games, animated films, simulators and architectural designs, the rendering artist is someone who breathes life into a 3-D model.

For people who are unaware what 3-D modeling is, it basically creates three dimensions of any physical object in a computer. Coming back to what a rendering artist does, s/he takes the 3-D model and makes it look real on screen. By working on its movements etc. the artist ensures that the 3-D model is as real as all of us.

Compositing Artist

An extremely crucial player in movies and video games. Compositing artists make sure the visual quality of an animated film is consistent throughout. They detect errors and eliminate elements that are distracting. They work with the visual effects team of a film to deliver the final product, which means they help polish the look and feel of a film.

  • Quick note: 3-D model is created on computer followed by the rendering artist making it look believable for the audience.  

A highly technical profession, a roto artist’s role is crucial when a movie/TV show combines real-life images and computer-generated (CG) images in one frame.

When these two combine, there are objects that are not required on the movie frame. This is when a roto artist draws around or cuts out the images from the screen to make the film look believable. Roto artists are in great demand in India because VFX of more and more international movies and TV shows are being done in India these days.

MatchMove Artist

A very exciting profession, a MatchMove artist ensures that every movement and expression of a 3-D object is real world-esque. If you love how your favorite animation characters react and respond, you should really thank the MatchMove artist.

Lighting Artist

Lighting plays a very important role in making movies. Even in our daily lives, when we take selfies, the role of lighting is crucial to make us look good. Similarly, a lighting artist in an animation show or movie is important. S/he ensures that the lighting is consistent for the visual effects to look super cool.

An animator produces multiple digital or hands-drawn images. These images are then sequenced together in a way that the images are actually moving. They are responsible for breathing life into lifeless objects — and for entertaining viewers while watching TV/films or playing video games.

Games Developer

A very lucrative profession to be in, a games developer creates and produces games for computers, games consoles, mobile phones, online games etc.

Concept Artist

They are the ones who sketch characters and worlds in each and every project. Only after these worlds and characters are created can a project really take off.

An in-demand profession, illustrators create images and visuals to communicate through them. They are hired by almost every company because they can play an important role in highlighting their brand.

A lot of freelance work is available in the advertising, publishing, printing, fashion and multimedia industries.

An in-demand profession, illustrators create images and visuals to communicate through them. They are hired by almost every company because they can play an important role in highlighting their brand. A lot of freelance work is available in the advertising, publishing, printing, fashion and multimedia industries.

  • These are just a few of the cool and creative professions you can take up after you graduate. To learn about more such career opportunities, you can join the free trial class
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Why should I do a degree course?

Bachelor degree programs are very prestigious. They are very popular because a lot of recruiters ask for a graduation certificate before they offer you a job. Arena’s degree program in Animation, VFX and Filmmaking has become very popular among students because they have a greater chance of getting better jobs.

Is this a good degree course?

Yes and that’s because you are getting a Bachelor’s degree from Arena Animation, which has been ranked as India’s number one animation institute. To top it, the degree course is affiliated to JIMS University, which is one of the leading business schools in India. What’s the d

What’s the duration of the course?

Three years, including internship tenure.

How experienced are the teachers at Arena?

The faculty at Arena Noida has a combined experience of more than 30 years! Not only are they experienced, they are known to be reputed teachers. Even better, they are known to be very polite, patient ad friendly with their students.

What is the fee? What if I can’t pay the fee?

Please speak to the counsellor at Arena Noida to know the course fee. The fee depends on whether you are eligible for any scholarship, offers etc. If you can’t pay the fee, Arena offers loan facility too. You can ask the counsellor at Arena Noida for more information.

Can I work while studying this course?

Bachelor of Vocation is a full-time course. However, teachers at Arena often announce freelance opportunities to their students. So, if you want to get valuable job experience and earn some money, you are most welcome to do so.

Will Arena help me get a job after passing out?

Arena is known to give 100% job placement assistance to its students. It has also got awards for getting their students the best jobs available in the animation and VFX industry. So yes, Arena will do everything it can to get you your dream job.

I have not studied Arts or Computers before this. Am I eligible?

Yes. At Arena, the students are initially taught the basics like sketching etc. Plus, the teachers at Arena Noida are known to be friendly and patient while teaching the basics.

I am not fluent in English. Will I understand what’s being taught in class?

Yes. You don’t have to be fluent in English to understand what’s being taught. Plus, the teachers are comfortable teaching in Hind too, if you request them to do so.

Will I find it tough to find a job because I am not fluent in English?

Unfortunately, it can be tough if you can’t speak English these days. BUT, the B.Voc. course will help all our students to learn English. Students will also be trained to speak in English for their interviews. In short, you don’t have to worry about not being able to speak in English.

(Click on the semesters to see how Arena will help you improve your English and prepare you for your job interview)

I am not from Noida. Where will I stay?

Arena helps all its students to get a place to live in Noida

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